Wholesale Nag Champa Incense

What is Nag Champa? Nag Champa is an Indian fragrance commonly used in making of incense sticks, soaps, essential oils, candles, sachets, potpourri, incense powders, and much more. It is #1 selling incense in the world. Nag Champa is the leading incense in the world because of its unique scent that many "tried to copy" but simply could not. We are your direct wholesale source for this product, directly imported from the company to provide you authentic and fresh incense by Satya Sai Baba incense company.

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Nag Champa : The Glory of Sai : Nag Champa Incense company devotes a book in the memory of Sai Baba. A free complimentary gift from Nag Champa company. Add to your cart FREE GIFT!

"Sri Sathya Sai Avatara Vanibhavam"
               "The only story is His glory. Sri Sathya Sai Avatara Vaibhavam is a celebration of the story of Gold walking on earth among human beings. One who is unborn has taken a form for the human consciousness to rise to divine consciousness. In an answer to the prayers of saints and godly men, Bhagvan Sri Sathya Sai Baba manifested on November 23rd, 1926 in a remote hamlet called Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh, India."

Below are some prayers you can do in the morning & night to be peaceful and have a good night sleep.

"O Lord! I am born now from the womb of sleep.
I am deciding to carry out all my task today as
Offering to thee and with thee ever-present in my mind.
Make my words thoughts and deeds sacred and pure,
Let me not cause pain and suffering to anyone nor,
Let me have pain and suffering myself,
Direct me on these lines."
                     - By Sai Baba During Guru Purnima 1960

Night prayer: When you enter the portals of sleep at night pray..

" O Lord! The tasks of the day, whose burden I placed on you are over:
You made me walk as I did, You made me talk as I did,
You made me think as I did, so, here they asre all,
my thoughts, words and deeds placed at Your Feet as offerings.
My task is done. I am coming back to you again."
                        - By Sai Baba During Guru Purnima 1960

What did education mean to him?

E for Enlightenment
D for Duty and Devotion
U for Understanding
C for Character
A for Action
T for Thankfulness
I for Integrity
O for Oneness
N for Nobility
    - By Sri Sathya Sai Baba

There are many great quotes by Sai Baba which we will keep on posting. These quotes will be make you feel good about yourself and understand the meaning of life in a positive way.