Wholesale Hem Incense

Hem Incense: Wholesale hem incense, "The Essence of India." Hem has become the fastest selling brand in America, they offer around 150 incense flavors. Using mixtures and different oils to produce the scents that relate with the scent. From cones to incense Hem has to offer tons for you to grow your business.

Sizes they offer:

- 8 Sticks: Each box has 25 packs of 8 sticks each. The whole box is $4.00
- 20 Sticks: Each box has 6 pakcs of 20 sticks each. The whole box is $2.25
- Cones: Each box has 12 packs of 12 cones each w/metal burner. The whole is box is $4.75

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Wholesale Hem Incense