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Sage Dream Pillows

Sage Dream Pillows
What type of dreams do you desire? Soothing, vivid, full of adventures or romance, or do you wish for deep, calm slumber? Simple to prepare, sewing aromatic herbs into small pillows can help bring peaceful sleep, enhance dreams, and encourage dream memory. The practice of placing herbs under one’s pillow dates back centuries, and was originally done to protect against evil, calm bad dreams, foresee the future, bring good dreams, or conjure a lover into one’s life. No matter the reason, herbal pillows are beneficial for adults, children, and pets.
Dream Pillow: Relaxation
Product ID : sage-DPRX
Dream Pillow: Clarity
Product ID : sage-DPCL
Dream Pillow: Protection
Product ID : Sage-DPPT
Dream Pillow: Peace
Product ID : Sage-DPPE
Dream Pillow: Divine Healing
Product ID : Sage-DPHE
Out of stock
Dream Pillow: Good Fortune
Product ID : Sage-DPGF
Dream Pillow: Fairy Dream
Product ID : Sage-DPFD
Dream Pillow: Divine Power
Product ID : Sage-DPDP
Dream Pillow: Anti Stress
Product ID : Sage-DPAS
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