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Sage Brush

Sage Brush, a spicy yet sweet brush with wonderful aroma to use for cleaning & purification. A mellow scent, but smells fresh went burnt.
Sage Brush Smudge Stick 4"+ - 50 Pack
Product ID : sage-sbrush4-50 Pack
Unit Price: $40.00
Large White Sage & Sage Brush Sage Mix 8-9"
Product ID : L02-15-WS1-SB
Unit Price: $2.45
Sage Brush Sage Smudge 8"+ (Packaged)
Product ID : N02-10-SB8S
Unit Price: $2.45
Sage Brush 4"+ (Packaged)
Product ID : N01-30-sbrush4
Unit Price: $0.95