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Masala Champa

Masala Champa
Masālā is a word in Hindi (and other Indian languages) meaning "spice mixture". It is commonly used when referring to curries or other food dishes. Masala incenses are made by blending several solid scented ingredients into a paste and then rolling that paste onto a bamboo core stick. These incenses usually contain little or no liquid scents (which can evaporate or diminish over time).
Mystical Champa 20 gram Pouch
Product ID : MC20
Chandan Champa 15 grams (12/box)
Product ID : CH15
Saffron Sandal 15 grams (12/box)
Product ID : SS15
Chandan Champa 100gm
Product ID : CH100
Rasta Love 100 grams
Product ID : RL100
Out of stock
Rasta Love 15 grams (12/box)
Product ID : RL15
Sandal Saffron 100gm
Product ID : SS100
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