Lavender Sage

Full of aroma, these wild lavenders smudge wands are great to use during ceremonies, ritual aid or simply use as incense or potpourri. Another name for these smudge sticks is purple sage
Mini White Sage & Lavender Mix 3-4"
Product ID : L04-19-MS1-LV
Unit Price: $1.40
Lavender Smudge Stick 3-4"+ (Packaged)
Product ID : N01-14-LVS3
Unit Price: $1.20
Lavender Smudge Stick 7-8" (Packaged)
Product ID : N02-03-LVS8
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Large White Sage & Lavender Mix 7-8"
Product ID : L02-01-WS1-LV
Unit Price: $3.00