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Goloka Incense

Goloka is the eternal abode of Krishna, Svayam bhagavan according to some Vaishnava schools, including Gaudiya Vaishnavism and the Swaminarayan Sampraday. Made of natural products this Goloka Nag Champa is great for meditation or ritual needs. Sandalwood base has been used to create this wonderful scent.
Goloka Patchouli 15gm (12/box)
Product ID : C02-01-GOLP15
Unit Price: $6.95
Goloka Nag Champa 250 grams
Product ID : C04-01-GOK250
Unit Price: $6.95
Goloka Nag Champa 40gm (12/box)
Product ID : C04-01-GOK40
Unit Price: $13.95
Goloka Nag Champa 100gm
Product ID : C04-01-GOK100
Unit Price: $2.85
Goloka Nag Champa 15gm (12/box)
Product ID : C04-01-GOK16
Unit Price: $6.45