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Cedar Sage

A wonderful fragrance to burn. Cedar wands are used in rituals, ceremonies, magic, or simply for aroma. Sacred to Native tribes known as the Mother and giver of life. These wands can be used for protection, purification, cleansing, wealth, healing, and prosperity.
Cedar Loose Leaves & Clusters 1 LB
Product ID : L04-07-CELB
Unit Price: $11.00
Loose Cedar + Red Abalone Shell 3"L (3x5Bag)
Product ID : N02-17-LCAB
Unit Price: $0.95
Cedar Smudge Sage 3 Pack
Product ID : N01-33-CSW3P
Unit Price: $3.25
Cedar, White, Blue Sage Sampler 3"+
Product ID : N01-32-BWC3
Unit Price: $3.75
Cedar Smudge Wands 4"L
Product ID : N01-07-CSW5
Unit Price: $1.10
Cedar Cluster Packaged 1/2 oz
Product ID : N02-22-LCC5
Unit Price: $0.50
Cedar Smudge Wand 7"-9"Long Packaged
Product ID : N02-04-CSW7
Unit Price: $2.75