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Candle Snuffers

A candle snuffer is an instrument used to extinguish burning candles. This is accomplished by smothering the flame with a small metal cup that is suspended from a long handle, and thus depriving it of oxygen. The use of a candle snuffer helps to avoid problems associated with blowing hot wax.
Golden Finish Swivel Metal Candle Snuffer 6"L (set of 6 - six different designs)
Product ID : I05-B078-16369
Unit Price: $9.95
Candle Snuff Brass 10" (Set of 2)
Product ID : I05-B071-18364
Unit Price: $4.45
Candle Snuff with Wood Handle 10" (Set of 2)
Product ID : I05-B070-8069W
Unit Price: $3.89
Solid Brass Candle Snuffer 10"L ( 2 Pcs )
Product ID : I05-B069-8069M
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