Brass Burners

We offer great variety of solid brass burners that you can offer to your customers. From resin burners, cones, to stick burners. You will find everything here. If you like to offer different variety please have a look at our soapstone section and wooden.
Brass Aladdin Lamp 5" (Genie Lamp)/ Cone Burner
Product ID : B038-16875
Unit Price: $2.95
Black Carved Brass Screen Charcoal Burner 2.75"D 1.75"H w/Wooden Coaster
Product ID : B100-706
Unit Price: $3.75
Tree of Life Brass Incense Tower Burner 12"
Product ID : B097-807BR-TOL
Unit Price: $3.45
Golden Turtle Burner/Candle Holder Antique Finish 5"L 3" High
Product ID : B117-3012
Unit Price: $3.95
Aladdin Lamp Solid Brass 8" (Genie Lamp)
Product ID : B041-16880
Unit Price: $6.95
Silver Screen Charcoal Burner 3"D
Product ID : B002-BBIW
Unit Price: $2.95
Carved Floral/Cross Brass Burner 7"H
Product ID : B012-8443
Unit Price: $6.95
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