Bone Hair Pipe

Wholesale bone hair pipe: A Hair Pipe is a term for a wide slim bead, which were popular with American Indians, particularly from the Great Plains and Northwest Plateau.Hair pipe beads are extremely popular, these beads are used in chokers, breast plates, earrings, and necklaces worn by women and men.
White Bone Hair Pipe 3" L (12 pack)
Product ID : HP3-W
Unit Price: $2.50
White Bone Hair Pipe 2" L (12 pack)
Product ID : HP2-W
Unit Price: $1.50
White Bone Hair Pipe 1" L (12 pack)
Product ID : HP1-W
Unit Price: $1.00
Black Horn Hair Pipe 4" L (12 pack)
Product ID : HP4-B
Unit Price: $3.50