Altar Tables

An altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices and votive offerings are made for religious purposes, or some other sacred place where ceremonies take place.

Your table is designed to look old and antique. Your Altar Tables are hand-made and hand-tooled.  Minor flaws, ticks, scratches and other ticks are normal for this product and are not considered defects. 

Triple Moon Altar Table 6"
Product ID : G03-646S
Out of stock
Triple Moon Altar Table 14' L x 11.5"W x 8" H
Product ID : G03-646B
Unit Price: $26.95
Tree of Life Altar Table 12" Round x 8" High
Product ID : A04-640
Unit Price: $29.99
Pentagram Wood Altar Table with Drawer 7.5" x 5" High
Product ID : G03-635
Unit Price: $14.45 $10.95
Green Man Altar Table 8"L x 5"H
Product ID : G03-632S
Unit Price: $11.95
Triquetra Small Altar Table
Product ID : G03-642S
Unit Price: $8.95
Pentagram Small Altar Table
Product ID : G03-641s
Unit Price: $8.95
Triquetra Altar Table 12"L x 12"W x 8"H
Product ID : A04-642
Out of stock
Pentagram Altar Table
Product ID : A04-641
Unit Price: $29.99